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EMail2OneDrive is a tool for outsourcing email attachments to OneDrive for Business in Microsoft Office 365.


Outsourcing particularly makes sense before migrating large mailboxes into other Exchange systems like Microsoft Office 365 environments.


Configure the limits. EMail2OneDrive does the rest. Check the results afterwards or visualize them.


The solution is running in the cloud. No need to install any software on your servers or clients.

EMail2OneDrive is for...

Typical customers of EMail2OneDrive are larger businesses and organizations who need to reorganize, backup or migrate Exchange mailboxes.

There are a lot of scenarios where the usage of EMail2OneDrive makes sense: Before migrations or on a daily basis.

EMail2OneDrive reduces mailbox sizes dramatically by outsourcing data to the cloud. The tool is easy-to-use and all operations are logged for postprocessing. Benefit from EMail2OneDrive!

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EMail2OneDrive runs completely in the cloud. The pricing is very simple:

The service costs 10 USD per mailbox that is processed per year. If you do not use the service continuously, the price is the same.


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